Why SEO Hosting is important for your internet business

SEO hosting is commonly known as the Multiple IP hosting. It is a special type of web hosting service that has been around for some time now. The purpose of SEO hosting or multiple IP hosting is to reach higher ranks on search engines on your chosen keywords. The whole idea of using SEO Hosting is a very effective SEO strategy in many terms and it’s a highly recommended tactic in the form of long term SEO strategy.

Nobody knows from where exactly this concept originated from. But it sure makes sense that multiple ip hosting is a unique SEO strategy that is here to stay. SEO is a constantly updating industry, hence the use of SEO Hosting was designed and formulated according to the current requirements of the SEO industry experts and online marketers. So many aspects have been taken into account when creating a high-end SEO Hosting package. Just to name few of these aspects are as follows,

  • Multiple unique IP addresses (Dedicated/shared)
  • Multiple classes of IP’s (Class A, B, C)
  • Multiple Datacenters on multiple locations
  • Multiple servers if possible
  • SEO optimized unique name servers
  • SEO optimized DNS settings

In the context of having PBN sites (Personal Blog Networks) and using the services of  traditional web hosting to host your site netwrok, will eventually get you into trouble because it’s impossible to maintain uniqueness on your site network as their all hosted on the same IP and on same datacenter. And probably on the same server. And trying to cross link with each site would definitely get your entire network penalized and flagged as spam. With the help of SEO Hosting, you can avoid such unfortunate outcomes and your able to obtain that uniqueness while covering all the digital footprints which the SEO Hosting is all about. There are three different types of SEO hosting

  1. A class SEO hosting
  2. B class SEO hosting
  3. C class SEO hosting

Out of these three,… C and A are the most widely used. Here are some of the reasons why you must have SEO hosting for your internet businesses or PBN.

Improved visibility on SE

For the success of your online business visibility is very important. If your website is not visible to your customers there are chances that no one will invest in your products and services. With the high-quality SEO Hosting, you can increase the visibility of your business website.

  • It is a perfect solution for the local and international SEO.
  • If you are planning to target the markets around the world, SEO hosting will help your website reach different servers around the world.
  • The biggest attraction of SEO hosting is that it will help you to gain boosted ranking.

Higher search engine ranking

You will appear on the first page of the search engine results and that is how your website’s authority will improve. 90% of the customers do not make it to the 3rd page of search engine results. They will trust your services when your website will appear of first-page results. Websites are ranked by the search engines because of the location of their IP addresses.

Your website will rank higher if the location of your website’s IP address is relevant to your geographical location. You can host websites with multiple IPs that will show different locations and so your international ranking will increase. The same is the case with local SEO where you should have the local IP address for better ranking.

Proper IP address

You will get the IPs from the different C classes from your SEO hosting service provider. It will allow you to manage the IP addresses of different websites with the help of the same account. When you are interlinking the websites that have been hosted on the same range of IPs, it will allow the search engines to know that same webmaster is the owner of all the websites. With the help of SEO hosting this risk is removed when you are hosting multiple websites because it will provide you the accessibility of multiple C Class IPs.

Stay ahead of your competitors

When there are a proper IP address and attractive web content your website will be highly recommended by Google. With SEO hosting you will be able to manage the following efficiently that will allow you to stay ahead of competitors.

  1. Unique IP address
  2. Unique Nameserver
  3. Multiple Servers on Multiple Data Centers
  1. SEO friendly DNS setup

There are chances that your competitors only pay attention to their web content and that is how you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors by having complete SEO hosting services.

Bottom line

SEO hosting is a reliable and cost-effective way of attracting more customers. It will allow you to maintain your positive ranking that will increase your sales and revenue. It is important that you hire a reliable SEO hosting service provider because dealing with an unprofessional will damage your online ranking and visibility. Assure that you check the online ranking of the SEO hosting service provider because if they do not have the top ranking how they can help you with your website. Think wisely and select the best team for your business.

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